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July 02, 2020, 04:00 PM

Finding High Quality Clients with Google Search

A talk by Gina Godeen Copywriter & Freelance Writing Coach, Build Your Writing Biz Visit site

Speaker expertise

Gina is a freelance writer and the founder of Build Your Writing Biz. She helps other women create successful freelance writing businesses that enable them to work from home, raise their children, and live their dream lifestyle.

What is the hardest part about freelance writing? Most people who are just starting out would say that it's finding clients. But this training session will show you that it's actually easier than you might think!

An excellent place to start is by using Google.

Yes, Google!

It amazes me how few of us actually think of Google as a good place to find clients. If you use it strategically, you can find some of your best clients there.

In this session, you get to follow along as I search for clients in MULTIPLE niche industries. There are three key strategies I am going to cover for how to use Google strategically:

  1. Search for agencies who specialize in your same niche
  2. Pay attention to who is spending money on advertisements
  3. Take advantage of the Google Maps feature

Follow along in the training as I explain exactly how to use Google for finding high quality freelance writing clients. Get ready to take lots of notes! You could even have a second tab open and actually search for (and find!) clients as we go.

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Email Pitch Templates

Finding clients is only part of the equation... you need to be able to confidently pitch your services and land the work, too! Pitching your services via email should be a key marketing strategy for all freelance writers. Use the templates provided in this workbook for your email prospecting efforts. These exact same scripts have helped me land dozens of freelance writing clients. Now it's your turn!

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