Gina Godeen

Gina Godeen

Gina is a freelance writer and the founder of Build Your Writing Biz. She helps other women create successful freelance writing businesses that enable them to work from home, raise their children, and live their dream lifestyle.

Copywriter & Freelance Writing Coach
Build Your Writing Biz

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Finding High Quality Clients with Google Search

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Gina's writing career started when she found herself working a 9-5 job that just did not give her the satisfaction she was looking for. She was feeling overworked, micro-managed, and just UNHAPPY with her career. She knew that it was time for a change.

That's when Gina stumbled across freelance writing.

And while she was totally new to it, and had NO IDEA what she was doing (can you relate?!), she was also super excited, willing to learn, and ready to dive in.

Eventually she figured it out and was able to create a successful freelance writing business that brought her the joy and financial freedom she was looking for.

Gina wanted others to have this same feeling.

That's why she decided to start sharing her techniques with others. So that they too could find success in their writing journey.

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