Andrea Hubbert

Andrea Hubbert

For more than 20 years my passion has been to help clients design communication strategies to launch their products and services, nurture their target audiences and grow their businesses.

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My passion is to help solopreneurs design communication strategies to launch services, nurture audiences and grow businesses.

A biz bestie once described me as the one who brings the boardroom into the bar. I like that. I’m going to own it because I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into golden nuggets for learning and implementation by anyone… even the friends at my favorite corner bar.

You may chuckle at that, but I’ll tell you a secret. My balance of egg-head and non-conforming creativity has served me well. It's given me the pleasure of steering award-winning marketing campaigns for organizations of all types — from the smallest non-profits to large Fortune 120 companies. (I even had the honor of working on behalf of a client who was part of a U.S. presidential inauguration!)

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