Freelance Writing Success Summit

June 29 - July 3, 2020

Learn the skills, strategies, and tools you need to launch or rejuvenate a thriving freelance writing business.

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This summit is over, but you can grab access to the session replays and sign up to get notified about the next summit!

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Running a Freelance Writing Business is not all Fun and Games

You're getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be doing more to grow or rejuvenate your freelance writing business. What you really want is to...

- Build steady and reliable income.
- Put together a winning portfolio that will help you land more clients.
- Work with your dream clients.
- Be the go-to writer and expert for the niche of your choice.

You can do all of these things. The best part: I’ve got something to help.

Get ready for the

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The Freelance Writing Success Summit is about that: learning about the tools and strategies you can use to grow and rejuvenate your freelance writing business -- completely free.

20 Speakers over 5 days will teach you the ins and outs of growing a success freelance writing business.

Maybe you're:

- Tired of low-paying clients
- Feeling invisible at those job-bidding sites
- Trying to figure out how much to charge
- Struggling to put together a good portfolio
- Fighting imposter syndrome every time someone asks why they should hire you

Whatever it is for you, it's time to break out of the cycle and grow your freelance writing business.

This summit is over, but you can grab access to the session replays and sign up to get notified about the next summit!


It's time to get focused on the areas you need help with

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don't need, Freelance Writing Success Summit is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your business, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

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5 days
18 speakers
10 categories

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The Details:


The Freelance Writing Success Summit will run from June 29 - July 3, 2020 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


I don't know about you, but I prefer to leave my house as little as possible. That being said, you can tune into the summit from anywhere with Internet access. We made sure of that.


Presentations will be approximately 30-45 minutes in length. The Freelance Writing Success Summit Playbook will provide you with a worksheet to follow along with so you can make your action plan while tuning in to each session. The presentations themselves will be available for 24-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other freelance writers.


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and working together to grow your freelance writing business once it kicks off.


After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the All-Access Pass. That means you'll get replay access to presentations for en entire year and access to live Q&As with the speakers, special access to premium resources, and more. You won't want to miss it!

This summit is over, but you can grab access to the session replays and sign up to get notified about the next summit!


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2020 Speakers and Mentors

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at the Freelance Writing Success Summit. We are so proud to host such a diverse group of speakers and top experts in the industry. Just take a look at some of the sessions already planned (and more will be announced soon)!

Charge what you're worth...What does that even mean? July 03, 2020, 04:00 PM
Naomi Nakashima B2B Ghostwriter and Writing Coach, Help Me, Naomi
How to Connect with Your Clients and Gain New Ones with Click-worthy Emails July 01, 2020, 05:30 PM
Tiffany Lewis Conversion Copywriter, Propel Virtual Solutions, LLC
How to Know if SEO Writing is a Service You Should Sell July 01, 2020, 07:00 PM
Laura Briggs Freelance coach & SEO writer, The Freelancing Coach
Blogging for Self-Promotion and Business July 02, 2020, 07:00 PM
Sande Chen Writer and Game Designer, Sande Chen

With 18 experts, the tactics you need are just a click away

Our experts will be sharing their years of knowledge, strategies and tactics. If you’re focused on launching or growing your business we've got you covered.

Meet the speakers

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Check out the Categories
Personal Branding
Finding and Signing Clients
Setting up your Portfolio
Write to Rank: SEO Writing
Writing Skills and Craft
Using Social Media for Writers
Finances and Bookkeeping

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The Freelance Writing Success Summit is for you if:

- You're ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this freelance writing thing out once and for all.
- You've already been freelance writing for more than a hot second and you just "know" you're right on the cusp of hitting that next level.
- You're tired of relying on and paying freelancing and job bidding sites to find your clients.
- You're already a freelance writer but need help breaking into a new niche or media outlet.

Even if you've never been paid to write from home before...

If you have a computer, a GMail account, and an email address, you can launch a freelance writing career.

If you've read this far, you owe it to yourself to answer these questions:

- What if just one of these sessions helps you double your rates and revenue?
- What if just one of these sessions helps you figure out how to pitch and land your very next (or FIRST) client?
- What if just one of these sessions helps you cut through the overwhelm of starting (or restarting) a business and sets you on the right track?
- What if just one of these sessions helps you avoid a costly scam or low-paying clients?

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Freelance Writing Success Summit FAQ

Is this only for freelance writers?

It sure is! There are a lot of offerings out there for general business owners and entrepreneurs, but this one has been created specifically for freelance writers and how their unique businesses can help their clients accomplish their mission.

When is this whole thing happening?

The main portion of the summit runs from June 29 - July 3. We'll kick off on June 29 with an opening keynote and the Facebook community will be available right when you get your ticket!

How long will the videos be available?

Each video will be available for 24-hours. However, you can grab the All-Access Pass to get replay access to all of the videos for an entire year and exclusive access to live Q&As with the speakers, special access to other premium resources, and more!

Will all the speakers get my email address?

The speakers with special offerings will receive your email address after you've registered for the summit. This is to ensure that your updates and resources, whether free or upgraded to premium, are delivered correctly. Your email address will never be shared or sold to any parties not vetted for and involved with this summit, and you can unsubscribe from any updates at anytime.

Are the presentations live?

To avoid tech glitches, save my sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released at the scheduled time. The live portion comes in with the Q&As held with the speakers following their presentations (for All-Access Pass members).

Are you still accepting speakers?

All of our speakers for this summit have been hand-picked and our slots are currently full. However, we're open to potential speakers for next year's summit. If you're interested in being considered for Freelance Writing Success Summit 2021, email!

Are the videos captioned or transcribed?

Yes, the videos will be captioned and transcribed.

I still have questions!

No problem! Shoot an email over to and I'll get back to you as soon .

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This summit is over, but you can grab access to the session replays and sign up to get notified about the next summit!


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